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include ../../Makefile.cfg
mkdir -p cd_root
$(CC) $(CCFLAGS)-O2 -DEXAMPLES_VMODE=VMODE_NTSC main.c system573_lib/ksys573_pad.c ksys573_dump.c ksys573_flash_check.c ksys573_rtc_util.c ksys573_sio_check.c ksys573_input_check.c system573_lib/ksys573_flash_mem.c ksys573_font.c system573_lib/ksys573_psx_gpu.c system573_lib/ksys573_nvram.c system573_lib/ksys573_sio.c -o PSX.elf
elf2exe PSX.elf cd_root/PSX.exe -mark_jpn
systemcnf PSX.exe > cd_root/system.cnf
mkisofs -o PSX.hsf -V GAMEISO -sysid PLAYSTATION cd_root
mkpsxiso PSX.hsf PSX.bin /share/licenses/infojap.dat
rm -f PSX.hsf