90 Commits (a289723f668c38e23519d731467365b507c7bad0)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Connor McLaughlin a289723f66 Qt: Add update extractor source 7 months ago
TellowKrinkle 90e3d9e460 CMake: Move translation file processing to main pcsx2 directory 10 months ago
TellowKrinkle baf9e4a9af CMake: Properly use MACOSX_PACKAGE_LOCATION for translations on macOS 10 months ago
TellowKrinkle 6d0e35ddcb CMake: Prevent people from doing in-tree builds 10 months ago
Connor McLaughlin c2ca0852d9 Build: Add pcsx2core variant for Qt 10 months ago
kenshen112 ac8582eca7 CMake: Set minimum version first 12 months ago
TellowKrinkle e03076c6ff CMake: Fix macOS resource packaging 12 months ago
Connor McLaughlin 3073281d13 CMake: Fix package mode 12 months ago
kojin 831c8b9189 common: fix cmake on win32 1 year ago
TellowKrinkle 4d8b9aee2a CMake: Support windows for tests 1 year ago
TellowKrinkle 4213b4a409 cmake: Use imported targets 1 year ago
TellowKrinkle 5bfd48c65c cmake: Convert indentation to tabs 1 year ago
Gauvain 'GovanifY' Roussel-Tarbouriech 6523b0e9c2 cmake: remove leftover calls to plugin cmakefiles 1 year ago
Gauvain 'GovanifY' Roussel-Tarbouriech 587a893a0e gs-merge: remove initial plugin subsystem 1 year ago
orbea 44b700a6fd cmake: Use GNUInstallDirs. 2 years ago
orbea f33a6076dc cmake: Fix the install target. 2 years ago
Yuri Konotopov 64010cf797
Support build with system fmt (#3838) 2 years ago
Gauvain 'GovanifY' Roussel-Tarbouriech a2e2ed1ecf DEV9: initial merge complete 2 years ago
Gauvain 'GovanifY' Roussel-Tarbouriech b3ae282522 DEV9: including back initial original references 2 years ago
Tyler Wilding 2ff231c27d
CI/Travis: Fix newly introduced cmake failure in Travis-CI after adding {fmt} (#3837) 2 years ago
Tyler Wilding 397cb081c3 cmake: Add fmt to cmake configuration 2 years ago
Ty 5858f72748
Bump up C++ version to c++17 for gcc & clang (#3746) 2 years ago
tellowkrinkle 4f56db9f18
Fix codegen on x86-64 (#3512) 2 years ago
tellowkrinkle f9771c38a6
macOS fixes (#3357) 3 years ago
arcum42 c8c27cbfd1 Bump up the minimum cmake version slightly, and make older versions happy with the regex in FindHarfbuzz.cmake. 3 years ago
arcum42 5c60f66890
Fix various cmake issues (#3352) 3 years ago
RedPanda4552 a7285ff375 PCSX2: PCSX2 1.6 Documentation Overhaul. (#3139) 3 years ago
arcum42 959d652dbb
Switch to using the current cmake policies, not deprecated ones. (#2642) 4 years ago
arcum42 d8e6ba4274 Add a new option to build.sh to not generate translations while building the project. 4 years ago
orbea 72699bc988 MAN_DIR added 7 years ago
rz5 0b3542a573 Move linux file to linux-various to avoid including it in win builds. 7 years ago
Miguel A. Colón Vélez 1db74162e6 Update the gcc version requirements. 7 years ago
Miguel A. Colón Vélez 8a87981d94 Add options to not install optional files. 7 years ago
Gregory Hainaut 8d6d8067fd linux: rename everything. It is PCSX2 is uppercase letter 8 years ago
nE0sIghT 003ac1b762 Use ${DOC_DIR} variable for docs destination 8 years ago
Gregory Hainaut 0c17d67fa5 cmake: add a new option to select the doc path in package mode 8 years ago
Gregory Hainaut 532cc7755c cmake: remove cmake from 3rdparty 8 years ago
Johannes Obermayr 7b1d3ba7ea Do commits 2bc2047 and f287754 the right way ... 8 years ago
Gregory Hainaut e8b3532658 cmake: clean main file and option 9 years ago
Ryan Houdek 35979bb5a6 Add a CMake compile time option for building a 64bit binary. 9 years ago
Gregory Hainaut a86f2615be cmake: git compilation issue + useless warning message 9 years ago
Gregory Hainaut 390245806a cmake: sed /PROJECT_SOURCE_DIR/CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR/ 9 years ago
Gregory Hainaut 22e02b545e cmake: fatal error when path contains some parenthesis 9 years ago
gregory.hainaut 61da62bf27 pcsx2: Create GetProgramDataDir (for cheats_ws and game db) 9 years ago
gregory.hainaut 48356e31b8 linux: 9 years ago
gregory.hainaut 6214fd0456 pcsx2: Used correct path for cheats/cheats_ws (thanks avih) 9 years ago
gregory.hainaut 5df7af9bc5 cmake: 9 years ago
gregory.hainaut 544c84a344 gsdx: 10 years ago
gregory.hainaut 3c7167be50 clean (some) gdb warning: round 1 10 years ago
gregory.hainaut 3c3e0f7113 cmake: always use /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu when it exists 10 years ago