10 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
BreakPoints ad529c10ab Qt Updater: Copy new icon to updater 2 days ago
JordanTheToaster 60714b5ca4 Qt Updater: Fix use of old icons 4 days ago
987123879113 8323334430 Revert "Incremental Build [V6]" 1 week ago
Florin9doi 95274b921c Incremental Build [V6] 2 weeks ago
CharlesThobe d54715a9c3 Updater: Do not extract portable.ini 2 months ago
Silent a3e72c5b43 Updater: Disable Maximize and Close buttons 2 months ago
Silent 33efc86788 Updater: Thread the UI updates, add a taskbar progress bar, add a marquee progress bar for indeterminate actions 2 months ago
Connor McLaughlin 680a3802d7 Updater: Remove update zip after committing 3 months ago
Connor McLaughlin ea051c6d5f Everything: Get rid of wx entirely from the Qt build 3 months ago
Connor McLaughlin 893b3c629d Everything: Remove a **lot** of wx, and px nonsense 3 months ago
Connor McLaughlin fbd36a4347 Qt: Fix building on Linux 3 months ago
Connor McLaughlin a289723f66 Qt: Add update extractor source 3 months ago