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echo "Starting KrakenSDR Passive Radar"
# Use only for debugging
#sudo python3 _UI/_web_interface/ 2> ui.log &
#sudo gunicorn -w 1 --threads 12 -b $IPADDR:8050 --chdir _UI/_web_interface kraken_web_interface:server 2> ui.log &
#sudo gunicorn -w 1 --threads 2 -b $IPADDR:8050 --chdir _UI/_web_interface kraken_web_interface:server 2> ui.log &
python3 _UI/_web_interface/ 2> ui.log &
# Start PHP webserver to interface with Android devices
#echo "Python Server running at $IPADDR:8080"
#echo "PHP Server running at $IPADDR:$IPPORT"
#sudo php -S $IPADDR:$IPPORT -t _android_web 2> /dev/null &