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Jennifer Taylor b45c212569 Rename readme. 4 weeks ago
Jennifer Taylor 40c7274b95 Add explicit public domain license file. 4 weeks ago
Jennifer a6c1471a0e Merge branch 'master' of github.com:DragonMinded/ACIOLauncher 4 years ago
Jennifer Taylor 2e919a6c2d Fix order of operations for parsing ini files. 4 years ago
Shaun Taylor 6ede5e25a5
Merge pull request #1 from mbilker/iccc 5 years ago
Matt Bilker 4ead179876
Detect ICCC as a reader 5 years ago
Shaun Taylor 4c5ea185cb Fix readers being incorrectly detected when there's more than one serial with ACIO nodes on it. 6 years ago
DragonMinded 3e29f9c6f8 Initialize all 4 COM ports in parallel for faster startup. 6 years ago
DragonMinded 4cf611548c Change member variable of functions that need serial port passed in. 6 years ago
DragonMinded d664a6fc07 More reliable (faster) initialization for an individual reader. 6 years ago
DragonMinded 77a8d517be Major refactor of ACIO Launcher. 6 years ago
DragonMinded 501b54b98e Relax initialization requirements. 6 years ago
DragonMinded 7193297f0c Cleaner debug/non-debug separation, don't CLS when debugging. 6 years ago
DragonMinded 4aed1bb03e Change init routine to ignore irrelevant serial devices earlier in the 6 years ago
Shaun Taylor 511169c1b4 Fix timeout bug with long initialization sequences. 6 years ago
Shaun Taylor 65f34c7ae7 Different init animation to work on Japanese locale. 6 years ago
Shaun Taylor 94e0c4daa2 Update readme for pagination. 6 years ago
Shaun Taylor d44e2397f7 Hide cursor when displaying the menu. 6 years ago
Shaun Taylor d1a22936b0 Display animation when initializing readers. 6 years ago
Shaun Taylor c5cb5f936f Add pagination support. 6 years ago
Shaun Taylor 1759b9c832 Refactor out menu handling into its own class. 6 years ago
Shaun Taylor 356003de0a Refactor out initialization routine to its own function. 6 years ago
Shaun Taylor 3750249381 Support auto-initializing both wavepass and slotted hardware. 6 years ago
DragonMinded 13649b68a9 Fix typos in README. 6 years ago
DragonMinded 7d396aebb7 Add invocation to readme. 6 years ago
DragonMinded 1d9c0d7b45 Fix warning with potential overflow in INI parser. 6 years ago
DragonMinded 1cce65c8a6 Update readme to markdown extension. 6 years ago
Shaun Taylor f983ff4ec8 Add documentation for VS project. 6 years ago
Shaun Taylor c26b39765b Update readme. 6 years ago
Shaun Taylor 7bbe19f7fb Better documentation and command line argument handling. 6 years ago
Shaun Taylor 3c02d66c2c Ignore machine-specific files in directory. 6 years ago
Shaun Taylor 8f85bf57de Remove user options for Solution. 6 years ago
Shaun Taylor 0620df24ac Initial commit of ACIO Launcher code. 6 years ago