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# weegee
Fearless green Wireguard config manager.
Fearless green [WireGuard](https://wireguard.com) config manager.
## Goals
* One central place to *declaratively* configure your WireGuard installs from;
* Automatic peer management, for local and remote hosts (if `autosync` is enabled);
* Automatic interface management, for local and remote hosts (if `automanage` is enabled);
* Automatable manual management, for other hosts;
* Solid and flexible foundation, transparent data model, hookable;
## Non-goals
* Automagic firewall configuration: this is better off planned by the user and automated through the use of hooks;
## Quickstart
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weegee host create --type linux --host elisha.projectflower.eu --auto-sync --auto-manage my-host
Or configure for local use:
Or configure the built-in local host:
weegee host configure --type linux --auto-sync --auto-manage local
weegee host configure --type linux --auto-manage local
3. *(optional)* Configure forwarding hooks for your host, if your firewall is restrictive or you're [using IPv6 on Linux](https://www.kernel.org/doc/html/latest/networking/ip-sysctl.html#proc-sys-net-ipv6-variables). An example that allows every WireGuard client to access ``, ``, ``, `` and `fd10:573:1df::/48`: