79 Commits (main)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Shiz df7a5e5a62 pass PosInfo to sizeof/offsetof, implement Align(ed)To.sizeof/offsetof() 9 months ago
Shiz a767c9cc7e core: add type inference for bytes/bytearray (have to fix later) 9 months ago
Shiz 7cfcab44e5 types/seq: fix default() 9 months ago
Shiz 6b5e028e52 types/struct: fix context when calculating default value 9 months ago
Shiz 721ae26f40 types/io: fix Sized if at end of file 9 months ago
Shiz 3452bc9d60 core: fix reset 9 months ago
Shiz 1304a56dcd io: add align= to Terminated Stream, fix UCS-2 cstr, fix small errors 1 year ago
Shiz 910be3c5ec io: add Tell() type 1 year ago
Shiz a3ff832f2b do not overwrite builtin Python types in __all__ 1 year ago
Shiz b737cb17b1 transformers: rename Transform to Proc, add Preproc 1 year ago
Shiz b8cdfaf5dd data: rename Static to Implied, add compatibility wrapper 1 year ago
Shiz 303aec0c87 data: add Pad type 1 year ago
Shiz 75f87f6143 core/str: expose terminator_required= argument in CStr 1 year ago
Shiz cb3509f794 core/util: fix Mapping moving around in stdlib `collections` 1 year ago
Shiz 3c0d46d7bb util: lol 1 year ago
Shiz ac8d019ad7 util: cut off long data by default 1 year ago
Shiz 6b972ac877 sx: fx some misc issues 1 year ago
Shiz eab765578e core/expr: do not accept lambas for _sx_get__ 1 year ago
Shiz d98f070b7d expose to_stream 1 year ago
Shiz e02b9fb855 data: communicate length back to parser 1 year ago
Shiz 74ea777c05 expr: error on bad operator usage, add bad operator alternative functions, implement item slicing correctly 1 year ago
Shiz 90ed8f1583 control: add more friendly error message to Switch 1 year ago
Shiz 2fdec1b697 io: fix Lazy __str__/__repr__ mixup 1 year ago
Shiz f1c82f7502 io: fix some Lazy stream issues 1 year ago
Shiz 9d2a1ffbf1 io: add Lazy type 1 year ago
Shiz f0ee7b315c build: add setup.py 1 year ago
Shiz 3df63b9bf5 data: fix `sizeof()` for Data 1 year ago
Shiz a2c7fb7d26 io: introduce `hard` parameter for Sized 1 year ago
Shiz 7255a990c7 struct: fix issue where generics instantiations would have a different module 1 year ago
Shiz 701953db2a union: fix dumping semantics 1 year ago
Shiz 0c653fc3c3 struct: fix up and expose union type 1 year ago
Shiz c3d98171f3 base: do not reuse Context for stream offset size calculation 1 year ago
Shiz 34b634ca22 types: fix various missing to_type() calls and misc errors 1 year ago
Shiz eb71a9176f core: properly pop from path if type fails 1 year ago
Shiz b75c4f47b0 io: add rudimentary Terminated type and rewrite str 1 year ago
Shiz acefb8ae82 examples: add simple RIFF parse example 1 year ago
Shiz 8bf9b77505 core: allow debug tracing of parse for visualisations 2 years ago
Shiz ea61dbf1e3 core: fully keep track of parse path 2 years ago
Shiz e71cacb8f7 num: add variable-width greedy int types 2 years ago
Shiz 4400209545 data,num: add convenience definitions 2 years ago
Shiz 18e8729cc2 sx: generate __all__ 2 years ago
Shiz c8a5231e85 fix `num` imports 2 years ago
Shiz b837384672 remove silly special nested EOF exception 2 years ago
Shiz 9699a6e611 bits: implement basic bit-level parsing and dumping 2 years ago
Shiz 3fd438c7c9 add various proper repr() implementations 2 years ago
Shiz 2294d992cf expr: use const-ness for put checking in CompExpr 2 years ago
Shiz 02f53b5096 data: add __str__ and __repr__ for Data 2 years ago
Shiz 49d77757fa io: move Ref and Sized from transforms 2 years ago
Shiz 11c556d7d6 expr: add const-ness attribute and const()/infer() markers 2 years ago
Shiz a6eb428411 transforms: add Check and Fixed type 2 years ago