65 Commits (main)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Shiz 73b1862173 vpn: add wireguard watchdog 1 year ago
Shiz d44b01019b base: adjust DHCP offset for small subnets 1 year ago
Marius Eikenes d878212e5e Change target for AR750S and add MT300N-V2 for Eagle 2 years ago
Shiz 46ba78daf2 {eagle,flower}: fix favicon location 2 years ago
Shiz 703eea2f10 eagle: add favicon 2 years ago
Shiz f7ad2cc9d8 flowerbase: use base bash for IPv4 hackery 2 years ago
Shiz b75b4ae794 flowerbase: fix IPv4 subnet ID offsets 2 years ago
Shiz 83adfa4763 flowerbase: expand dong(le count in private arcades) 2 years ago
Shiz 6a2e5a1eaf flowerbase: add extended CIDR calculation for private arcades. also question life choices 2 years ago
Shiz 52ded98705 configs/flowerbase: fix IPv4 subnet 2 years ago
Shiz 075a5c06d2 configs/flowerbase: fix WireGuard addresses 2 years ago
Shiz eee35197da configs/flowerbase: refactor our subnetting 2 years ago
Shiz f075dda449 configs/{flower,eagle}: remove hardcoded pubkeys 2 years ago
Shiz 8917bad0ec configs/base: disable SYN flood protection to allow Konami shitty TCP matching 2 years ago
Shiz 55a04873e9 configs/{flower,eagle}: add proper server ranges 2 years ago
Shiz 51661d5a31 configs/flowerbase: add TCP port 5700 to firewall 2 years ago
Shiz 2ff8931d56 network: fix interface IDs 2 years ago
Shiz 0508d5d5c8 network: IPv6 attempt 4 2 years ago
Shiz af54b31b6b network: set proper WireGuard interface addresses 2 years ago
Shiz 4d7d49c769 network: IPv6 attempt 3 2 years ago
Shiz 4f0cdf2646 flowerbase: fix Wireguard peer name mishap 2 years ago
Shiz 3a63974dd0 network: more IPv6 fixes 2 years ago
Shiz ee9d30e5d4 base: fix image naming 2 years ago
Shiz 7ab3832f9e network: attempt to fix IPv6 2 years ago
Shiz 9641a6a59b flowerbase: infer VPN_METHOD from set variables 2 years ago
Shiz b25e7517b7 configs: flowerbase: fix typo 2 years ago
Shiz 69de226c33 wireguard: do not specify ifname, or OpenWrt will not create the interface 2 years ago
Shiz 49e721137a vpn: fix wireguard routing problem 2 years ago
Shiz a1edf2bfbc base: more proper way of assigning IP 2 years ago
Shiz b942258307 base: dirty address hack 2 years ago
Shiz 60030117c8 flowerbase: give the Wireguard peer a more sluggy name 2 years ago
Shiz 2f2f9d52c1 wireguard: fix bad firewall assignment 2 years ago
Shiz 30730e0813 wireguard: fix addr assignment 2 years ago
Shiz bc1af97299 vpn: unify openvpn and wireguard 2 years ago
Marius Eikenes 853be2ed97 Revert "configs: change ar750s profiles to nand" 2 years ago
Marius Eikenes e0092b654a configs: change ar750s profiles to nand 2 years ago
Marius Eikenes 754c5dfbb8 Add Cloudflare DNS as fallback 2 years ago
Shiz a934d1ca0a configs/base: fix DNS overrides 2 years ago
Marius Eikenes 1371aa5100 Change Eagle VPN hostname 2 years ago
Marius Eikenes 246926fa4e Override domains in base 2 years ago
Marius Eikenes 8fc9f0a18e DNS fixes for using only VPN DNS 2 years ago
Marius Eikenes 4938b4f87f Add some keys 2 years ago
Shiz 0a2d5df3fa flower: fix branding typo 2 years ago
Shiz 624c613d5f configs: switch DNS server to local by default, move more common details to flowerbase 2 years ago
Marius Eikenes 87416b4843 Add cleanup to makefile 2 years ago
Marius Eikenes 43d029ebbe Fix branding typo and new eagle subnet 2 years ago
Marius Eikenes 09f6d9da78 Markdown 2 years ago
Marius Eikenes fd06a7ae7a Add MT300N-V2 and AR750 targets 2 years ago
Marius Eikenes f2503ac77a Add readme 2 years ago
Shiz c464ecfc8d configs/openvpn: switch to `openvpn-openssl` package for LZO support 2 years ago