20 Commits (master)

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  Shiz 6eb2e07dd3 change __main__ to simple WIP text CIL emitter 1 year ago
  Shiz a05727c3a1 wrappers: add CLIAssembly.external property 1 year ago
  Shiz 75afef1cac tables: rename some enum members to their text CIL representation 1 year ago
  Shiz 443486a6ed file: use pefile's fast_load 2 years ago
  Shiz d33ea1bf6a code: fix up header sizes 2 years ago
  Shiz 49f3db1435 util/MultiEnum: repurpose third parameter for shift 2 years ago
  Shiz c823b0fc41 add constant, layout, implements, properties and marshal field wrappers and Assembly table wrapper 2 years ago
  Shiz ce9a1aefa2 switch metadata tables to lazy parsing 2 years ago
  Shiz 6e552048bd make all structs `nocopy` for faster parsing 2 years ago
  Shiz 8521faf2e2 add __dir__ to wrappers for easier discovery 2 years ago
  Shiz 20ece93b96 add __repr__ for all dotnet.types classes 2 years ago
  Shiz 88f252ec35 add dotnet.code for code infrastructure 2 years ago
  Shiz 39f9cdaf2e add CILFile.classes and CILFile.interfaces 2 years ago
  Shiz 21d55f5a2d add CLIFile.read_at and remove parse_at length requirement 2 years ago
  Shiz de3d934314 move wrappers to dotnet.wrappers and fix up types nicely 2 years ago
  Shiz e1731d048c add fix in CLICodedToken parsing 2 years ago
  Shiz d09a75fd93 move MultiEnum to dotnet.util 2 years ago
  Shiz 6f9ccf209b file: refactor get_table_entry() to use 1-based indexing 2 years ago
  Shiz 636e4c92ac rename CLR references to CLI 2 years ago
  Shiz 7a46066a9a epoch 2 years ago